SB&G CoLab is a startup partnership programme initiated by Sky Betting & Gaming and supported by corporate innovation specialist L Marks.

Responsible Gambling

As a business that is customer obsessed, we care deeply about protecting our players and making sure that they gamble responsibly. We are investing in spotting negative behaviours sooner and supporting the customer to make sure things don't get out of control. We want to see concepts and ideas that help us to create visuals that demonstrate these behaviours in a meaningful and impactful way to the customer.

We want to see solutions that embrace these ethics across all categories however we are always eager to hear from teams who have new products that can reinforce this area of our work.

Identifying and Resolving Customer Issues

Supporting customers quickly when they have a problem is critical in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

SB&G currently interacts manually with customers every minute of the day via numerous channels including our contact centre. We want to identify and solve issues in the speediest and most effective way possible for our community. If this sound like a problem you’re tackling - get in touch!

Future Tech – Gaming and Betting

With Future Technology there is no limit to what we want to see in this category. It is about revolution not evolution. 

We want to engage existing and new customers via new interfaces like WhatsApp and voice assistant technologies or via new products, games or concepts for our suite of free-to-pay products as well as gamifying and socializing our product experiences. 

Have you got the next big gaming or betting product? If so, you can enquire about Colab 2018/19 here.

Trading Opportunities

We’re looking for new betting opportunities for our customers that mean they can speculate on the outcomes of real world events, virtual events or social experiences. 

Be they new and novel football markets, a new slant on an existing sports betting event or turning an entirely new situation into a betting experience. How can we extend the experience for our customers, so they continually enjoy gambling as an engaging, immersive, form of entertainment?


Are you able to blow us away with a completely new idea, solution or product? Do you have a novel way of delivering a fantastic customer experiences, have a unique addition for the SB&G portfolio, can you deliver a step change in our digital marketing capabilities or revolutionise our internal processes? 

If you do, you can enquire here.