Previous Cohort

Last year we worked with four businesses to help them to develop their ideas, and you can see the progress below:

Reach AI

reachAI provides real-time video analytics for the physical world using edge devices based on the latest research in AI/Deep Learning and Machine Vision. Video analytics are mostly done by loading up videos to the cloud and post-processing. Streaming a 4K video stream to the cloud in real-time for analytics is very expensive and reachAI offers an alternative: analytics on edge devices in real-time with no persistent connection with the cloud.

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Talking Circles

Talking Circles is the leading tool helping companies facilitate knowledge sharing at scale. The platform matches employees based on skills and expertise they would like to give and would like to develop. After the connection has happened, they measure behavioural organisational change for the employer to realise the impact that peer to peer knowledge sharing can have on customer service, engagement and talent retention.

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W2 Global Data

W2 provides international screening services that help companies meet regulatory compliance standards whilst saving them time and money. Gaming institutions have to ensure the player’s ability to afford their stake(s). At present, this is done by contacting the player and requesting documentation. W2 intends to provide a real- time source of wealth screening solution to reduce/avoid the need to contact players and request paperwork.

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e-bot7’s innovative hybrid artificial intelligence system allows companies to engage more quickly with their customers. By automating responses for standard, repetitive issues, e-bot7’s system allows customer services employees to focus on more complex customer problems. This helps corporates not only save time and money but also give greater job satisfaction to their customer service employees.

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What's on offer

Mentorship from SB&G senior leadership

Product validation from SB&G stakeholders and customers

Testing in a live SB&G test environment

A network of external mentors with diverse market expertise

Opportunity to gain investment from SB&G and L Marks

Free desk space at SB&G for the duration of the lab